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The New England Dungeon Society is a pansexual educational, support and social group.

We conduct regular BDSM seminars, workshops and demonstrations, social events for members and their escorted guests, as well as many and varied special events.

The New England Dungeon Society has been providing a comfortable environment for people to explore bondage, dominance & submission, and their kinkier side since 1993. We are a volunteer organization that depends upon its membership. Please check out the Get Involved page to see how you can help us grow and thrive.

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This website contains no pornography, nudity, nor graphic descriptions of sex, but it does contain material pertaining to sex and alternative sexual lifestyles.

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July 8, 2016: NEDS Presents Christian Religious Play with PETE




christian Religious Play with P.E.T.E.

Have you ever wondered about kinky play with a religious overtone? Have fantasies about nun/priest play?

This presentation, discussion and demo will cover elements of cultural energy, historical content, power role dynamics and kink subversions and perversions. Participants will be invited to share some of their connections to religious and upbringing, life and attractions toward incorporating christian religious content in their kink and sexual play. Fr. PETEr will guide a few demonstrations as fuel for deeper conversation and learning. This class is great for beginner and intermediate perverters.

About our Presenter:
Fr. PETEr will guide attendees through elements of cultural energy, historical content, power role dynamics and kink perversions of christian religious play. This interactive presentation will include demos and discussion for beginners and intermediate religious perverters.

Bring your flipflops and rosary beads and enjoy a night without guilt.


Class is held at the Hyatt House, Waltham, MA beginning at 7:30.  Cost is $10 for NEDS members and reciprocal groups; $20 non-members.  Vanilla dress is required.

Thanks and Thoughts

The service board of NEDS would like to thank everyone who came out for the picnic today. Although a bit windy, the food and company were amazing.

We were fortunate to be able to share a day with friends, especially in light of the devastating events of the past day to mar Pride in both Orlando and LA. When we woke up this morning, and started preparing for the picnic, turned on the news, and heard the awful reports, our thoughts immediately turned Orlando and our LGBTQ friends and family. Many of us have friends in Orlando, and certainly many of us have friends and loved ones who will be dealing with this act of violence. We were fortunate in that we were able to spend the day with a large group of friends who understood. Thank you for that.

While we were enjoying a day in the sunshine, our minds and hearts were with the families and friends of those whose lives were taken in such a senseless act of cowardice on what should have been a joyous and unified Pride week. Instead, we must now grieve for such a waste of life and figure out how the turn the anger we feel right now into something constructive. Perhaps later. Right now I want to be angry.

For those in the LGBT community, their families and friends, we offer our sincere and heartfelt support.

Thanks again for today.

NEDS Presents: Beat Me With a Feather- Sensation Play Primer





NEDS Presents: Beat Me With a Feather- Sensation Play Primer

Sensation play is often overlooked in BDSM and dismissed by sadists as “fluffy bunny bdsm”. However, sensation play can often be more evil than any cane.

Sensation is more than just “stingy v. thuddy”. It is about using all kinds of sensation (and even lack of sensation) to contribute to, or even to become, your scene.

This presentation will explore your senses, give you ideas on how to combine sensations, how to mind-fuck with sensation and how to use all kinds of sensation to enhance a scene. Some fun games to play with sensation will be shown, and we will also show you how to use easily obtained commonplace items as sensation toys.

Feathers are optional.

About our Presenter: SilverDreams is a beet-negative, bratty, opinionated, switch who likes to laugh in the dungeon. A long time member of NEDS and NELA, she’s presented for both groups and at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket and Bound in Boston. She blogs about D/lg dynamics, shoes, and whatever strikes her funny at nakedconfusion.com.


May 13, 2016 7:30 to 9:30pm, Hyatt House, Waltham, MA

NEDS Annual Meeting & Panel on the Art and Variety of Submission – April 8, 2016

NEDS will hold the Annual Meeting of the membership at the monthly class on April 8th as well as have a Panel on the Art and Variety of Submission.

We’ve got an election to conduct for our new board member, and it’s the time to get filled in about NEDS. Please join us for the meeting which will start at 7:15.

If circumstances prevent you from attending the meeting in person, please consider sending in your proxy so that we can meet our quorum requirements and start our new year off and running. The proxy form may be found on our website at: http://www.ne-ds.org/about/annual-meeting-proxy/

You can email the form to serviceboard@ne-ds.org or send it with someone who is attending.

We hope to see you there!

NEDS Presents: Oh my, STI’s! – March 11th, 2016

Oh my, STI’s! Are they really out there!


Sexually Transmitted Infections truly do exist and if you are sexually active and/or play with bodily fluids then you are at risk.

Please come join me (along with justDerek’s sarcasm) in an in depth conversation about Sexually Transmitted Infections and how they effect us in the BDSM lifestyle.

In this class we will discuss:
Quick overview of some of the most common STI’s.
When and where to get tested.
How to communicate with your provider and what tests to ask for.
The effects on us and the ones we interact with and care for.
How to effectively communicate with your partner(s) about testing and STI’s.

We will also discuss some common and not so common forms of protection (examples will be available to view and touch). When it comes down to STI’s, it’s actually quite simple. Protect yourself, your partner(s), and your loved ones. We are all adults; therefore, we should all practice self responsibility and take all steps necessary to keep ourselves and each other safe.

So come on down and let’s expand our knowledge together to help foster safe and healthy interactions. Please feel free to ask questions and/or share your experiences.

See you there!

MOD NOTE: It’s also our annual meeting so we’ll begin promptly at 7:30 pm sharp! Thank you! – NsV


Littlebit, born and raised in the south, is a kinky little southern belle. Among her many interests in the BDSM lifestyle, she has a passion for caring for others and education. Since discovering the wonderful world of kink over three years ago and with the support of her husband and the guidance of her Sir, she has become an influential educator in the kink community. Some of her classes include Oh My, STI’s!, New to the Lifestyle Discussion Panel and Sexy Stiletto Seduction. Littlebit is a medical professional and brings with her over 11 years of medical knowledge. Educating the community about safer sex practices is a passion of hers and she very much loves sharing her knowledge and talents with others to help foster safe/healthy interactions, as well as, enhancing kinky experiences.

NEDS Get Lucky Party – Saturday March 12th, 2016

Calling all naughty leprechauns, slutty shamrocks, and erin go bra-less fans,

New England Dungeon Society invites you to a night of lucky fun. Located in Providence RI, we will provide a fully-equipped dungeon for your enjoyment. Light food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Check it out! 

Absolutely no walk-in registrations. You must register and pay prior to the event at the link below. Attendees will be vetted by club owners and NEDS.

Register Here
Registration is open only for Current NEDS members until Feb 1, if there are still spots remaining we will open the party to non-members. To join NEDS click here

Rules for our event can be found here

Registration Policies

Can’t wait to see you all!

$25 dollars for members/$35 dollars for non-members

NEDS Presents: Chastity and Orgasm Control – January 8th, 2015

Chastity is one of the most intimate, controlling, and powerful type of play around. Chastity really brings the entire 24/7 fantasy to reality. This class will cover all aspects of chastity play ranging from Tie & Tease to Lock & Leave. Together we will define what a chastity device is, what it can do in a relationship, and how orgasm control and chastity are related but separate at the same time. We will also talk about different chastity devices, the pros and cons of each type, general health issues, and more.

Jillian is one of those unique presenters that you have to experience. She has a quick wit, dirty mouth, and keeps you entertained the entire time. She started playing in bondage when she was a young child, using rope and handcuffs with everyone. She later found the public scene in 1997, jumping in with both feet. In 2000 she was the host of the infamous play party in Attleboro, Massachusetts that was raided by police. This became known as “Paddleboro” (the police considered a wooden spoon to be a “dangerous weapon”). In 2005 Jillian founded Locked in Steel, makers of chastity belts and stainless steel bondage items. Jillian sold the business in 2009 and now enjoys traveling to events around the country, meeting new people, and playing with her wife as much as possible.

NEDS Presents: Surviving the “Poly-days” – December 11, 2015

Holidays cause extra stress in everyone’s lives. There are additional expenses, the calendar is full of commitments and the weather is cold and dreary. People that are in non-monogamous relationships have additional challenges to overcome.

Topics will include:
Managing your poly-family calendar(who is going where when)
Pros and Cons of being out to your non-poly family
Budgeting for gift giving, travel, etc
Group Brainstorm about solutions to poly struggles around the holidays
Key ways to relieve stress and anxiety around the holidays
Suggested reading for general poly topics

This session will be geared towards polyamorous relationships, but will likely have value to all structures. The focus of this session will not be a 101 poly class or a how-to, but resources for newer practitioners will be provided.


Skyla is a poly, bi, sadist, domme, babygirl and switch that has been on the kink scene for about 3.5 years. During that time she and her husband have explored many things including polyamory and currently live an ethically non-monogamous marriage. In addition to her husband, Skyla also has a long distance relationship with her submissive. Balancing those relationships and the relationships of her partners’ partners have given her real world training on the topic. In addition to her hands-on training, she also has professional expertise in conflict management, negotiation, interpersonal skills, and risk management. She has presented on polyamory & communication at a handful of conventions and facilitates the Non-Monogamy in New England group.

NEDS Presents: Whacktastic – A Guide to Successful Impact Play – November 13, 2015



“You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day. Stuff you pay good money for in later life.” ~Francesca Sedgwick

Making an impact…without saying a word!

Impact play is a term used in BDSM for any type of play in which the body is stimulated through an impact (or usually a series of impacts) on the skin in order to create pain. Most of the time the term “impact play” is synonymous with consensual erotic corporal punishment. Read More….

NEDS Presents: Whips 101 – October 9, 2015

Domino’s Bullwhip University presents Whips 101

Did you know that the crack of a whip is the sound of the popper exceeding the speed of sound? Did you know that a whip’s physics are based on the principle of the conservation of energy along a continuously decreasing taper?

Single tails hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many in the BDSM world. The unmistakable CRACK of a whip turns heads in any dungeon and many will admit to an almost primal reaction to the sound.

Bullwhip University will take you from science to scene and everywhere inbetween when it come to whips.

Whips 101 –

Whips 101 takes a look at the history of whips, different types of whips, and how to use a whip safely in a scene.

We’ll show you what to look for in a high quality whip, how to buy your first whip, and care for it so that it will last a lifetime.

You will learn how to make crackers, replace them, and how to clean them on whips where they are not replaceable.

If your a curious beginner or seasoned whip vetran there is something in Whips 101 that will appeal to you and who knows, you too might just become a crack addict!

Domino’s Bio:
From tying up his high school cheerleader girlfriend, to having his Dominant spirit awakened by a spankophile in the early 90’s, Domino has pursued his interests in the BDSM lifestyle for almost three decades. After working with Robert Dante, Sebastian, and Bob Deegan, Domino’s interest in the single tail was heightened with a particular interest in longer whips for both scene and sport cracking. His whip bag holds more than 75 examples of whip craftsmanship from all over the world. Domino is the creator and host of The Bullwhip Lounge, a day long whip extravaganza at NELA’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket and has presented at many local and national events including Black Rose, The Floating World and Leather Reign.

Any questions? Contact NotsoVanillo at Education@ne-ds.org