September 9, 2016: NEDS Presents Electrical Play


NEDS Presents: Electrical Play with ElectroRich

That’s right. You heard it here- ElectroRich will be coming back to NEDS for another electrifying class.

This one’s going to be a bit different. ElectroRich will spend some time talking about electrical play, but then we’re going to let everyone try things out if they wish. While not a play event, this will be one for people to experience what it’s like with electrical play, and to get help using equipment. Rich is a wonderful presenter, and one of the best when it comes to this kind of play, and he’s graciously consented to helping people learn about the equipment, whether on the top or bottom. Switches are welcome and encouraged!

He’ll be showing how to make and use some low cost toys to go along with the equipment, and we’ll even have a TENS unit or two to experiment with.

Come out and bring your equipment and let’s spark up some fun while learning all about electrical play.

About the Presenter:
ElectroRich has been playing with electricity and electrical devices since age 12. Skilled in building and operating specialty electrical contraptions, he has 30 years of experience in the BDSM scene. ElectroRich and has literally been offering demos for decades. His shows are spectacular, and each one is a unique performance.

ElectroRich is known and beloved in Vermont, Montreal, Albany, and Kingston, NY for his sensational BDSM Performance Art.

Favorite quote: “If it makes big sparks I like it!”

He lived in NYC the mid 1970s as a student, earning his degree in electrical engineering. At the same time he began frequenting clubs such as: the Vault, Hell Fire, and Paddles.

ElectroRich is meticulous about safety precautions. He’s always willing to help people safely experience the violet wand, in addition to one-of-a-kind electrical devices designed by ElectoRich and his friends. Electro-Rich would like to send out shout of gratitude to the build team behind these special home-made electrical gadgets. After the Demo, he’ll enjoy helping anyone interested in experimenting with these electrical devices and / or the violet wand.

“I started out like everyone, learning on the go, and getting instruction from some good mentors. I feel that now it’s my time to get out, educate folks about electrical play, put on some really cool Demos, and give back to the BDSM community.”— ElectroRich