NEDS Presents: Rope Corsets – June 12, 2015

Join NEDS for a night of fun with BoschInBoston

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Rope Corsets

Format: Hands-on, Level: Beginner
This class does NOT require a rope bottom and does not require
experience. We will be doing most of our work tying rope around our own thighs. Your own thighs are just easier and they don’t wiggle when you tickle them (usually).

I will present three different ways of tying rope around a torso. I will show ways of adding structure to the rope so that it does what corsets traditionally do, i.e. squeeze in the right places. I will give you the tools you need to design a number of different corsets to fit a number of different body types.

Bring: 1-2 ropes 20-40+ feet in length (longer the better), and some smaller diameter rope or paracord 4-8 feet. that you don’t mind cutting. Safety scissors for cutting (or you can borrow mine).

About Our Presenter:
Bosch has been tying people up for over a decade now. Sometimes making it look pretty, sometimes making it hurt, but always enjoying himself in the process. In his vanilla life he is a music teacher, a web designer, a father, a very kind and generous guy. In his non-vanilla life he is still all those things, but is not afraid of showing his dominant, sadistic side to those who appreciate that sort of thing. He also collects and sells kinky antiques, vintage dirty books and other stuff at