NEDS Summer Luau Play Party 24 August 2018

Play Party time!!

NEDS’ Summer play party is now open for registration.
Envision yourself in islands, cool breezes, sun, sand, ok maybe no sand.

Wear your favorite beach wear, or nothing at all. (once you are inside of course)



We have set up a demo/class with Lady_Ayesha:

Anatomy for Impact Play


How to hit every surface of the body without ending up in the ER

In this class we will cover

Some basic human anatomy

The inflammatory process

How various body parts respond to impact

What can be hit and what should be avoided

Judging the best way to strike any particular area

Brief demonstration with various implements and toys

Come prepared to engage in the discussion and bring your questions!

Class is intended for tops, bottoms, and switches of all skill levels, genders and orientations.

Lady Ayesha has been active in the community for over 4 years. She has taught on the Art of Negotiation. She describes her style of play as connective impact and ranges from heavily sadistic to mindful introductory impact. Impact should be fun for both parties, while keep an eye on safety, boundaries and limits. You can read more of her writings on topics related to impact play and before and after care on Fetlife.