NEDS Presents SaraScalper – Coming Out: What? Who? Why? Where? How? – 11 May 2018

Coming Out: What? Who? Why? Where? How?: Everyone knows that “coming out” regarding anything (being LGBTQ+, kinky, non-monogamous, etc.) is difficult and potentially life-changing, but not everyone is aware of the potential consequences of
not “coming out.”

Lifestyle sadist/dominant, kink educator, and mental health professional Sara Scalper will use this class to talk about what “coming out” means, the repercussions of not coming out, and the stresses related to coming out, and will additionally offer tips for coming out and techniques for self-care during the coming out process.

They will also talk about coming out regarding consent violations, as these occur frequently in our community and folks often face similar stresses when choosing whether or not to reveal what has happened to them, as well as similar repercussions when they do not reveal them.

Whether you’re so out of the closet that the door’s locked behind you or you’re in the back of it behind all of the coats, come join us as we discuss something that affects the lives of everyone in the kink community.

My bio:

Sara Scalper is a queer, nonmonogamous non-binary femme and ethical sadist who has been topping since 2002, has been involved in the kink community since 2004, and has been a part of the Boston community since 2010. They self-identify as 75% intersexed being, 20% Amazonian woman, and 5% primal male (these identities are constantly in flux), but are always 100% ethical sadist.

Primarily a physical sadist and impact top, they also get great pleasure from being a ”scene aunt” to newer folks in the scene, teaching them how to top safely (via classes or one-on-one instruction) and/or how to negotiate so they have safe, satisfying scenes.

Sara has taught for NELA at several Fleas and at/for NH Kinky Con, Bound in Boston, Boston Invasions at the Society, Trans Spectrum Kinksters, Paingasms at the Society, MOB, Boston TNG, BKC, and Wicked Women.

They are honored to be teaching at their first NEDS event! They can often be found with their lovely wife and collared submissive, AJ (who often helps them present their classes!), and their extended ”kinky family,” and love to talk ethical nonmonogamy as much as they do BDSM.