NEDS Presents: Pressure points and micro torture with AdelineKindred and RiverMei – 12 October 2018

Would you like to cause intense pain with a single finger? Interested in watching someone squirm with uncomfortable anticipation? Looking for the next thing to make them twitch with just the stroke of a knuckle?

Come learn some of the most unexpectedly sinister ways to poke, prod, and torture various parts of the body using your fingers, knuckles, nails and a variety of small toys. Just when they thought it was safe because you put the whip down…


River and Adeline are a polyamorous, pansexual, switchy duo with a passion for education, preparation, and all sorts of deviant delights ranging from fire to medical play to impact and more. Adeline is a gender fluid Eagle scout and self-proclaimed princess of dad jokes who has been teaching kink since college. River is a medical person turned techie who adores constantly iterating on classes to continuously find more effective ways to communicate and who excels at surviving Adeline’s puns. River has been teaching emergency response classes since 2012 and teaching kink classes with Adeline for the last 3 years. Classes with River and Adeline are an opportunity to learn new skills, delve into new ideas, and enjoy yourself while doing so.