NEDS Presents: Oh my, STI’s! – March 11th, 2016

Oh my, STI’s! Are they really out there!


Sexually Transmitted Infections truly do exist and if you are sexually active and/or play with bodily fluids then you are at risk.

Please come join me (along with justDerek’s sarcasm) in an in depth conversation about Sexually Transmitted Infections and how they effect us in the BDSM lifestyle.

In this class we will discuss:
Quick overview of some of the most common STI’s.
When and where to get tested.
How to communicate with your provider and what tests to ask for.
The effects on us and the ones we interact with and care for.
How to effectively communicate with your partner(s) about testing and STI’s.

We will also discuss some common and not so common forms of protection (examples will be available to view and touch). When it comes down to STI’s, it’s actually quite simple. Protect yourself, your partner(s), and your loved ones. We are all adults; therefore, we should all practice self responsibility and take all steps necessary to keep ourselves and each other safe.

So come on down and let’s expand our knowledge together to help foster safe and healthy interactions. Please feel free to ask questions and/or share your experiences.

See you there!

MOD NOTE: It’s also our annual meeting so we’ll begin promptly at 7:30 pm sharp! Thank you! – NsV


Littlebit, born and raised in the south, is a kinky little southern belle. Among her many interests in the BDSM lifestyle, she has a passion for caring for others and education. Since discovering the wonderful world of kink over three years ago and with the support of her husband and the guidance of her Sir, she has become an influential educator in the kink community. Some of her classes include Oh My, STI’s!, New to the Lifestyle Discussion Panel and Sexy Stiletto Seduction. Littlebit is a medical professional and brings with her over 11 years of medical knowledge. Educating the community about safer sex practices is a passion of hers and she very much loves sharing her knowledge and talents with others to help foster safe/healthy interactions, as well as, enhancing kinky experiences.