NEDS March Madness! Meeting and a Munch! 13 March 2020

This March, instead of a class, we’re holding a munch! … after our annual business meeting,

After the meeting, we’ll descend upon the hotel’s bar/restaurant for the munch.

If you can’t make it, would you please, PLEASE visit here to fill out your proxy form? It’s quick, it makes the board’s life easier, and will keep us from having to bug you at every meeting, in case we don’t get a quorum.

What are we voting on? We need to fill one of our Service Board positions. The term is two years. The esteemed Stephan (aka Akuda) is the incumbent, and the nominating committee has invited him to run for another term, in honor of his outstanding service.

Railen, the nominating committee chair, would like to thank MsD4u2srv, MistressThorne, Doc850, and BobthePlumber, for their participation.

Again, if you are a NEDS member in good standing, and are unable to attend the annual meeting in person, please take just a moment to submit a proxy ballot to record your vote!

*****Please note this event will be held at Embassy Suites, 550 Winter St, Waltham, MA