• What is the New England Dungeon Society?

The New England Dungeon Society is one of the oldest kinky groups serving the New England area. NEDS is an 18+ pansexual social, educational and charitable 501(c)(7) membership organization. Begun in 1993 as BDS, NEDS has worked very hard to bring kinksters together in an educational and fun atmosphere, free from judgment. We partner with many groups all over the country to provide reciprocity to members. We encourage friendship and community and strive to provide ways to meet others.

  • Does NEDS have a dungeon space I can rent?

No. Although we partner with several local and national venues so that we can hold parties, we do not rent dungeon space. No really, we’re serious- we don’t rent out dungeons to couples, groups, pro doms or those “visiting” the area.

  • Are non-members allowed to attend NEDS socials, parties and classes?
    Generally, yes. Although some parties, socials and classes are for NEDS members, only, most of the time non-members are welcome to attend NEDS sponsored activities. However, non-members pay a higher admission price and for events with attendance caps, members get registration priority.
  • Can I bring my children to NEDS socials?
    NO. Absolutely NEVER. All NEDS events, parties and socials- whether kinky or vanilla, are always 18+. No one under 18 is allowed to attend any NEDS sponsored activity. Members who bring anyone under the age of 18 to any NEDS event, party or social, shall forfeit their membership, and may be prohibited from attending any future NEDS events.
  • Does NEDS provide its membership list to other members?
    No. NEDS does not make it’s membership public and will not provide information regarding membership to anyone except the member, or unless required by law. NEDS is not a dating service, rather we encourage people to get to know others in a friendly social environment. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of NEDS and we respect the personal information of our members. We collect only the information we need to meet state and federal regulations.
  • Does NEDS vet its presenters?
    As a general rule, yes. We ask for references and we attend demos and classes to view presenting styles and information. Bearing in mind that any particular presenter may not always agree with an individual’s outlook on a particular topic, we encourage our members and guests to view the material with an open mind, and to seek out other opinions on the same topic of interest. We do not expect our presenters to be the “last word” on any subject, but rather, we ask our presenters to be knowledgeable, passionate and interested in presenting in a group dynamic. Likewise- we expect our attendees to realize that no presenter, in a 90 minute presentation, can touch on every conceivable permutation of a subject and encourage our attendees to attend other presentations in order to gain a well-rounded viewpoint.
  • What if I have a concern about a presenter?
    Should you have a concern about a presenter, we ask you to send a note to [email protected]. All concerns brought to our attention are taken seriously. While we may not share all of the views about our presenters, all information we receive is valuable and we take it all under advisement to make programming decisions, including making changes to our programming if so warranted.
  • I’ve never attended a class before- what are NEDS classes like?
    Our classes are perfect for anyone just discovering their kinkier side. Our classes are either lecture format or hand-on. You can participate as much, or as little as you wish. We hold an orientation prior to the start of each class – and we encourage new-to-kink people or new-to-NEDS people to attend the orientation. Our hospitality committee is always available to meet and greet newcomers and introduce them to others. In addition- we have social time before, at the break, and at the end of each class so that people can meet others without pressure. NEDS classes are held in a hotel conference room and are not play parties. Vanilla dress is encouraged.
  • Who do I contact with questions about NEDS?
    Generally, you’d want to send an email to [email protected]. Sending private messages to the service board members through Fetlife is a really bad way to get our attention.
  • What do I get for becoming a member of NEDS?
    Members save (on average) $10.00 per event over the non-member price. For most people- this means if you join NEDS and attend as little as three events a year, you’ve gained back the price of your membership. In addition, NEDS members receive priority registration for attendance limited events, can attend members only events, and have access to several raffles and other fun members only stuff throughout the year.
  • How do I become a NEDS member?
    We have a secure online form you can fill out online, or if you prefer, download, fill out, and send in; or you can see any Board member at any of the events or classes to fill out the form in person. NEDS memberships are for one year.