NEDS annual Rope 101- NEW LOCATION

!!!!!!Due to circumstances beyond our control the class has been moved to:
Embassy Suites
550 Winter St
Waltham, MA
Hastings Room (Be sure to check signs in the lobby for any last minute Changes!!!!!!!

This is intended to be a beginner/entry level class where kinky folks can come and learn, tie, ask questions, tie, and do hands on ties… However, if people want to learn more advanced/details ties there will be time later in the night…we have to room all night.

This is open to all levels so feel free to come and learn, help out etc. This is kinky rope folks helping other kinky rope folks. We are all “tied” in this together.

Have you watched a sexy rope scene and want to find out more? Maybe you’ve learned some basics but would like to know more details.

This Rope 101 class is primarily aimed at beginners but will also have lots of great information for the intermediate; such as tying with intent, communication and using rope to connect with your partner.

The class will be structured so that we go back and forth between instruction and practice giving lots of opportunities to try what you learn.

We will go over essentials of rope bondage including:

• Where and how to start
• Why tie?
• Different types of rope
• What to expect as a top and a as a bottom
• Safety; differentiating between good pain and bad pain
• Communication and setting expectations
• Tying with intention and creating your own style

We will have instruction followed by practice of the basic Single Column and Double Column ties.

These can be used to for other ties like
Basic chest harnesses
Chicken wing
Tying to bed frame or chair
Freestyle rope


CaptainKen :

with help from mindfullove: