NCSF’s Consent for Groups Discussion 14 September 2018

NOTE: There will be time to discuss issues that NCSF is working on and the Programs they offer. This is an opportunity to understand the issues that the BDSM/Kink community are facing. “We will discuss the current state of the law in Massachusetts and nationally, as well as NCSF efforts to change it.”

Title: NCSF’s Consent for Groups Discussion

Presenter: Jim Dunyak

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) Consent Counts program is designed to assist our communities in promoting a culture of consent through education and providing resources on how to deal with nonconsensual incidents. Join us for this interactive and informative discussion geared for people who…

• host a munch or rope group
• produce cons or other events
• volunteer at cons or other events
• host play parties in your home or elsewhere
• hold a leadership position in a kink organization

What We’ll Cover:

• Liability concerns for groups and events from criminal and civil perspectives
• Trauma, including
• various ways people react (some might surprise you)
• the “do’s and don’ts” of what to say and
• the best ways to be supportive.
• Dealing with consent incidents – from developing a consent policy to handling sanctions when it’s violated.

Who Should Attend:

Everyone, actually. Certainly, anyone who falls into the categories listed above will benefit from the information in this discussion. However, understanding these components is of equal value when evaluating personal risk tolerance as an attendee.

*NCSF does not provide legal advice