FAQ: What to Expect, Where to Go, What to Do at a NEDS Class

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NEDS Classes: FAQ

  • I’ve never attended a class before- what are NEDS classes like?

Our classes are perfect for anyone just discovering their kinkier side. Our classes are either lecture format or hand-on. You can participate as much, or as little as you wish. We hold an orientation prior to the start of each class- and we encourage new-to-kink people or new-to-NEDS people to attend the orientation. Our hospitality committee is always available to meet and greet newcomers and introduce them to others. In addition- we have social time before, at the break, and at the end of each class so that people can meet others without pressure. NEDS classes are held in a hotel conference room and are not play parties. Vanilla dress is required and you must be 18 or over to attend. ID is required.

  • What do I do when I get to the hotel? Who should I ask for? Where do I go? 

Our classes are held at the Hyatt House in Waltham, MA. When you get to the hotel, go through the lobby, turn right, and just after the ATM machines, we’re in the conference room, second door on the right. If you’re unsure, stop by the front desk and ask for the NEDS group. They’ll point you in the right direction, and without any sort of judgment. Our host venue is used to several years of our attendees coming and going, and they’re wonderful to our guests.

  • What is the cost? 

Most often the cost of the class is $20 if you’re a non-member. We do occasionally have discounted admission, but a regular Friday night class will never be more than $20.  If you decide to become a member, the cost for classes is $10, and we have about two classes a year that are free for members. Specialty classes outside of the normal monthly ones are a separate fee, which is published in the event notice. You don’t need to pre-pay. We take cash and credit cards at the door.

  • What happens at a NEDS class? Is it a party? Do people play? 

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sign in with a scene name. We’ll check your ID to make sure you’re over 18, and you have the option of filling out a name tag. Our hospitality committee has greeters that will help introduce you to other people if needed, or you can just jump in and introduce yourself. We have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for our attendees. Grab a snack, find a chair, or mingle around until the class starts at 7:30. Attendees can arrive after 6:30, and we start classes at 7:30. The hotel has a small restaurant, so if you’d like to grab a quick bite there before class, that’s a great idea.

NEDS classes are educational in nature. They’re not play parties. We have a presenter who will talk about a particular topic, on a wide range of kinky subjects, some of which may include a demo. Some classes have a more hands on component to the education, but they are not play parties. Rope classes tend to be more participatory, while classes on relationship dynamics encourage audience discussion. All classes are designed for beginners as well as intermediate kinksters and are well suited for new people. Since these classes are educational, they are not play events or parties. People laugh, learn and socialize within an educational framework.

  • What kinds of topics do you cover? 

We cover a wide range of topics. Past classes have included:

  • Bondage: including rope, mummification, vet wrap, alternative and psychology.
  • Relationships: including Master/slave; Daddy/littlegirl; Domination and Submission, and Polyamory.
  • Skills: including flogging, spanking, caning, whips, wax, knives, hypnosis and more!
  • And a whole slew of other classes including BDSM 101, pet play, service, humiliation, role play, ass-play, edge-play, rape-play, rough-body play, pervertibles, sensation play, tickling, religious play and lots and lots more.

If you want to see a class, let us know and we’ll see about getting it for you!

  • Does NEDS vet its presenters?

As a general rule, yes. We ask for references and we attend demos and classes to view presenting styles and information. Bearing in mind that any particular presenter may not always agree with an individual’s outlook on a particular topic, we encourage our members and guests to view the material with an open mind, and to seek out other opinions on the same topic of interest. We do not expect our presenters to be the “last word” on any subject, but rather, we ask our presenters to be knowledgeable, passionate and interested in presenting in a group dynamic. Likewise- we expect our attendees to realize that no presenter, in a 90 minute presentation, can touch on every conceivable permutation of a subject and encourage our attendees to attend other presentations in order to gain a well-rounded viewpoint.

  • What if I have a concern about a presenter?

Should you have a concern about a presenter, we ask you to send a note to [email protected] All concerns brought to our attention are taken seriously. While we may not share all of the views about our presenters, all information we receive is valuable and we take it all under advisement to make programming decisions, including making changes to our programming if so warranted. If you’d like to leave feedback for a presenter, please visit Feedback

Got more questions not answered here? Send a note to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.