NEDS presents: Massage for Lovers and Really Close Friends – May 13, 2022.

There’s a world of hurt AND healing in your hands, fingers and elbows…chances are you already lean on, poke & drum on your partner(s), so why not learn to finesse your massage skills?

sepiessa will discuss and demonstrate various massage techniques and how they affect the physical body as well as stimulate and soothe the nervous system. Stimulation is good and it’s not just the receiver who benefits! Learning to deliver a wide range of sensation from soft and sensuous to hurts-so-good is the focus of this class. Expect to hear erotic moans & groans, giggling and sighs! Learn the untold secrets of a kinky Licensed Massage Therapist!

Comfortable casual clothing is recommended and may come in contact with washable massage oil, but some fabrics may be stainable. Dress accordingly.

Nudity is likely but not required.

Consent and courtesy will be required.

By attending you consent to be in a room with others in various stages of undress, including full nudity.

Happy Endings are NOT a topic of this class. Some techniques will be shown which are sensual in nature, but we will not be demonstrating or practicing to completion.

This is a hands-on class

~Be Prepared~

You are welcome to bring your massage table if you’ve got one (be sure it is rated to hold 2 people)

There may be extra massage tables available, however, if you do not have a table, you should bring a yoga mat or blanket.

You will each need to bring a towel or two

Please be freshly showered prior to arriving.

Please no cologne or perfume, no smoking before or during

sepiessa is a skilled bodyworker with over 12 years of training and experience in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as well as Thai Massage. She leads Naked Yoga at various local cons and loves to share her knowledge with her kinky peers. She has a flourishing private massage and yoga practice in Massachusetts.

2017/2018 Nominating Committee

NE-DS is announcing the official formation of the nomination committee for the election of a member to the service board taking place during the March 9, 2018 class and members meeting.

NE-DS yearly elects a member to participate for a two year term in the governance and leadership of the organization. This includes voting on items such as the board of directors of the organization, committee members, and other pressing matters of the organization.

We are looking for more than just one candidate, especially in light of the fact that the by-laws provide the option for the runner ups to fill the position for the rest of the 2 year term if the initial candidate needs to step down for some reason.

With this in mind the nominating committee is seeking multiple candidates to step forward, willing to help in the leadership and guidance of the future of NE-DS. Please contact either Jakan or BaldwinMass before January 16th to be considered for being added to this years ballot. We ask that you also include a short “stump speech” that will go along with your name on the ballot announcement and on the proxy ballots.

Additionally NE-DS is looking for other volunteers to help both support or in some cases lead committees, possibly allowing us to expand the organization to help more people or cover more areas of the region.

NEDS Holiday Party

Reminder this is event is coming up quickly.

It’s that time of year kinksters! NEDS is having their annual holiday party! Location will be released to registered attendees. Registration will end Sunday, November 27, or when we reach a total of 100 guests.
Be sure to register here now to secure your spot.

We are looking for a few good elves to help out as with DM duties. Contact [email protected] If you are interested in helping us.

This will be an alcohol and drug free event, in keeping with our party rules.

Once you register, you will get a basic confirmation email. The week of, you will get specifics on location etc.

September 9, 2016: NEDS Presents Electrical Play


NEDS Presents: Electrical Play with ElectroRich

That’s right. You heard it here- ElectroRich will be coming back to NEDS for another electrifying class.

This one’s going to be a bit different. ElectroRich will spend some time talking about electrical play, but then we’re going to let everyone try things out if they wish. While not a play event, this will be one for people to experience what it’s like with electrical play, and to get help using equipment. Rich is a wonderful presenter, and one of the best when it comes to this kind of play, and he’s graciously consented to helping people learn about the equipment, whether on the top or bottom. Switches are welcome and encouraged!

He’ll be showing how to make and use some low cost toys to go along with the equipment, and we’ll even have a TENS unit or two to experiment with.

Come out and bring your equipment and let’s spark up some fun while learning all about electrical play.

About the Presenter:
ElectroRich has been playing with electricity and electrical devices since age 12. Skilled in building and operating specialty electrical contraptions, he has 30 years of experience in the BDSM scene. ElectroRich and has literally been offering demos for decades. His shows are spectacular, and each one is a unique performance.

ElectroRich is known and beloved in Vermont, Montreal, Albany, and Kingston, NY for his sensational BDSM Performance Art.

Favorite quote: “If it makes big sparks I like it!”

He lived in NYC the mid 1970s as a student, earning his degree in electrical engineering. At the same time he began frequenting clubs such as: the Vault, Hell Fire, and Paddles.

ElectroRich is meticulous about safety precautions. He’s always willing to help people safely experience the violet wand, in addition to one-of-a-kind electrical devices designed by ElectoRich and his friends. Electro-Rich would like to send out shout of gratitude to the build team behind these special home-made electrical gadgets. After the Demo, he’ll enjoy helping anyone interested in experimenting with these electrical devices and / or the violet wand.

“I started out like everyone, learning on the go, and getting instruction from some good mentors. I feel that now it’s my time to get out, educate folks about electrical play, put on some really cool Demos, and give back to the BDSM community.”— ElectroRich

FAQ: What to Expect, Where to Go, What to Do at a NEDS Class

Coloured Question Marks

NEDS Classes: FAQ

  • I’ve never attended a class before- what are NEDS classes like?

Our classes are perfect for anyone just discovering their kinkier side. Our classes are either lecture format or hand-on. You can participate as much, or as little as you wish. We hold an orientation prior to the start of each class- and we encourage new-to-kink people or new-to-NEDS people to attend the orientation. Our hospitality committee is always available to meet and greet newcomers and introduce them to others. In addition- we have social time before, at the break, and at the end of each class so that people can meet others without pressure. NEDS classes are held in a hotel conference room and are not play parties. Vanilla dress is required and you must be 18 or over to attend. ID is required.

  • What do I do when I get to the hotel? Who should I ask for? Where do I go? 

Our classes are held at the Hyatt House in Waltham, MA. When you get to the hotel, go through the lobby, turn right, and just after the ATM machines, we’re in the conference room, second door on the right. If you’re unsure, stop by the front desk and ask for the NEDS group. They’ll point you in the right direction, and without any sort of judgment. Our host venue is used to several years of our attendees coming and going, and they’re wonderful to our guests.

  • What is the cost? 

Most often the cost of the class is $20 if you’re a non-member. We do occasionally have discounted admission, but a regular Friday night class will never be more than $20.  If you decide to become a member, the cost for classes is $10, and we have about two classes a year that are free for members. Specialty classes outside of the normal monthly ones are a separate fee, which is published in the event notice. You don’t need to pre-pay. We take cash and credit cards at the door.

  • What happens at a NEDS class? Is it a party? Do people play? 

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sign in with a scene name. We’ll check your ID to make sure you’re over 18, and you have the option of filling out a name tag. Our hospitality committee has greeters that will help introduce you to other people if needed, or you can just jump in and introduce yourself. We have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for our attendees. Grab a snack, find a chair, or mingle around until the class starts at 7:30. Attendees can arrive after 6:30, and we start classes at 7:30. The hotel has a small restaurant, so if you’d like to grab a quick bite there before class, that’s a great idea.

NEDS classes are educational in nature. They’re not play parties. We have a presenter who will talk about a particular topic, on a wide range of kinky subjects, some of which may include a demo. Some classes have a more hands on component to the education, but they are not play parties. Rope classes tend to be more participatory, while classes on relationship dynamics encourage audience discussion. All classes are designed for beginners as well as intermediate kinksters and are well suited for new people. Since these classes are educational, they are not play events or parties. People laugh, learn and socialize within an educational framework.

  • What kinds of topics do you cover? 

We cover a wide range of topics. Past classes have included:

  • Bondage: including rope, mummification, vet wrap, alternative and psychology.
  • Relationships: including Master/slave; Daddy/littlegirl; Domination and Submission, and Polyamory.
  • Skills: including flogging, spanking, caning, whips, wax, knives, hypnosis and more!
  • And a whole slew of other classes including BDSM 101, pet play, service, humiliation, role play, ass-play, edge-play, rape-play, rough-body play, pervertibles, sensation play, tickling, religious play and lots and lots more.

If you want to see a class, let us know and we’ll see about getting it for you!

  • Does NEDS vet its presenters?

As a general rule, yes. We ask for references and we attend demos and classes to view presenting styles and information. Bearing in mind that any particular presenter may not always agree with an individual’s outlook on a particular topic, we encourage our members and guests to view the material with an open mind, and to seek out other opinions on the same topic of interest. We do not expect our presenters to be the “last word” on any subject, but rather, we ask our presenters to be knowledgeable, passionate and interested in presenting in a group dynamic. Likewise- we expect our attendees to realize that no presenter, in a 90 minute presentation, can touch on every conceivable permutation of a subject and encourage our attendees to attend other presentations in order to gain a well-rounded viewpoint.

  • What if I have a concern about a presenter?

Should you have a concern about a presenter, we ask you to send a note to [email protected] All concerns brought to our attention are taken seriously. While we may not share all of the views about our presenters, all information we receive is valuable and we take it all under advisement to make programming decisions, including making changes to our programming if so warranted. If you’d like to leave feedback for a presenter, please visit Feedback

Got more questions not answered here? Send a note to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.



August 12, 2016: NEDS Presents: Rope Share


NEDS Presents: Rope Share August 12, 2016


We’re doing things a little differently this month. We’ve been asked to have more hands on classes and we listened.  We’re kind of tired of formal presentations, too.

So, for the steamy August class, we’ll be having a ropeshare evening. This will not be so much an instructor led forum, but a time to share your rope skills with others, or a time to try out new things. If you’ve been working on something and want others to help figure out a tie, or if you’ve never tied (or been tied) before, it’s a great way to experiment with rope.

We’ll have a few people who will help with basic ties (single/double columns and simple karada) and we’ll have others who will show off their skills with hogties and self-bondage. At the end of the evening we’ll even throw in a few rope games for fun (and prizes).

Bring your rope (we’ll have some to borrow if you don’t have any) and a sense of adventure and join us!

Class starts at 7:30 and runs through 9:30 and is held at the Hyatt House in Waltham, MA.  For this class, admission will be $10 for everyone. Vanilla dress, please.

July 8, 2016: NEDS Presents Christian Religious Play with PETE




christian Religious Play with P.E.T.E.

Have you ever wondered about kinky play with a religious overtone? Have fantasies about nun/priest play?

This presentation, discussion and demo will cover elements of cultural energy, historical content, power role dynamics and kink subversions and perversions. Participants will be invited to share some of their connections to religious and upbringing, life and attractions toward incorporating christian religious content in their kink and sexual play. Fr. PETEr will guide a few demonstrations as fuel for deeper conversation and learning. This class is great for beginner and intermediate perverters.

About our Presenter:
Fr. PETEr will guide attendees through elements of cultural energy, historical content, power role dynamics and kink perversions of christian religious play. This interactive presentation will include demos and discussion for beginners and intermediate religious perverters.

Bring your flipflops and rosary beads and enjoy a night without guilt.


Class is held at the Hyatt House, Waltham, MA beginning at 7:30.  Cost is $10 for NEDS members and reciprocal groups; $20 non-members.  Vanilla dress is required.

Thanks and Thoughts

The service board of NEDS would like to thank everyone who came out for the picnic today. Although a bit windy, the food and company were amazing.

We were fortunate to be able to share a day with friends, especially in light of the devastating events of the past day to mar Pride in both Orlando and LA. When we woke up this morning, and started preparing for the picnic, turned on the news, and heard the awful reports, our thoughts immediately turned Orlando and our LGBTQ friends and family. Many of us have friends in Orlando, and certainly many of us have friends and loved ones who will be dealing with this act of violence. We were fortunate in that we were able to spend the day with a large group of friends who understood. Thank you for that.

While we were enjoying a day in the sunshine, our minds and hearts were with the families and friends of those whose lives were taken in such a senseless act of cowardice on what should have been a joyous and unified Pride week. Instead, we must now grieve for such a waste of life and figure out how the turn the anger we feel right now into something constructive. Perhaps later. Right now I want to be angry.

For those in the LGBT community, their families and friends, we offer our sincere and heartfelt support.

Thanks again for today.

NEDS Presents: Beat Me With a Feather- Sensation Play Primer





NEDS Presents: Beat Me With a Feather- Sensation Play Primer

Sensation play is often overlooked in BDSM and dismissed by sadists as “fluffy bunny bdsm”. However, sensation play can often be more evil than any cane.

Sensation is more than just “stingy v. thuddy”. It is about using all kinds of sensation (and even lack of sensation) to contribute to, or even to become, your scene.

This presentation will explore your senses, give you ideas on how to combine sensations, how to mind-fuck with sensation and how to use all kinds of sensation to enhance a scene. Some fun games to play with sensation will be shown, and we will also show you how to use easily obtained commonplace items as sensation toys.

Feathers are optional.

About our Presenter: SilverDreams is a beet-negative, bratty, opinionated, switch who likes to laugh in the dungeon. A long time member of NEDS and NELA, she’s presented for both groups and at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket and Bound in Boston. She blogs about D/lg dynamics, shoes, and whatever strikes her funny at


May 13, 2016 7:30 to 9:30pm, Hyatt House, Waltham, MA

NEDS Annual Meeting & Panel on the Art and Variety of Submission – April 8, 2016

NEDS will hold the Annual Meeting of the membership at the monthly class on April 8th as well as have a Panel on the Art and Variety of Submission.

We’ve got an election to conduct for our new board member, and it’s the time to get filled in about NEDS. Please join us for the meeting which will start at 7:15.

If circumstances prevent you from attending the meeting in person, please consider sending in your proxy so that we can meet our quorum requirements and start our new year off and running. The proxy form may be found on our website at:

You can email the form to [email protected] or send it with someone who is attending.

We hope to see you there!