August 12, 2016: NEDS Presents: Rope Share


NEDS Presents: Rope Share August 12, 2016


We’re doing things a little differently this month. We’ve been asked to have more hands on classes and we listened.  We’re kind of tired of formal presentations, too.

So, for the steamy August class, we’ll be having a ropeshare evening. This will not be so much an instructor led forum, but a time to share your rope skills with others, or a time to try out new things. If you’ve been working on something and want others to help figure out a tie, or if you’ve never tied (or been tied) before, it’s a great way to experiment with rope.

We’ll have a few people who will help with basic ties (single/double columns and simple karada) and we’ll have others who will show off their skills with hogties and self-bondage. At the end of the evening we’ll even throw in a few rope games for fun (and prizes).

Bring your rope (we’ll have some to borrow if you don’t have any) and a sense of adventure and join us!

Class starts at 7:30 and runs through 9:30 and is held at the Hyatt House in Waltham, MA.  For this class, admission will be $10 for everyone. Vanilla dress, please.