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The New England Dungeon Society is a pansexual educational, support and social group.

We conduct regular BDSM seminars, workshops and demonstrations, social events for members and their escorted guests, as well as many and varied special events.

The New England Dungeon Society has been providing a comfortable environment for people to explore bondage, dominance & submission, and their kinkier side since 1993. We are a volunteer organization that depends upon its membership. Please check out the Get Involved page to see how you can help us grow and thrive.

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This website contains no pornography, nudity, nor graphic descriptions of sex, but it does contain material pertaining to sex and alternative sexual lifestyles.

If you are under 18 years of age, or if you feel you would be offended by these contents, please do not view any further and EXIT THIS SITE!


NEDS presents: Massage for Lovers and Really Close Friends – May 13, 2022.

There’s a world of hurt AND healing in your hands, fingers and elbows…chances are you already lean on, poke & drum on your partner(s), so why not learn to finesse your massage skills?

sepiessa will discuss and demonstrate various massage techniques and how they affect the physical body as well as stimulate and soothe the nervous system. Stimulation is good and it’s not just the receiver who benefits! Learning to deliver a wide range of sensation from soft and sensuous to hurts-so-good is the focus of this class. Expect to hear erotic moans & groans, giggling and sighs! Learn the untold secrets of a kinky Licensed Massage Therapist!

Comfortable casual clothing is recommended and may come in contact with washable massage oil, but some fabrics may be stainable. Dress accordingly.

Nudity is likely but not required.

Consent and courtesy will be required.

By attending you consent to be in a room with others in various stages of undress, including full nudity.

Happy Endings are NOT a topic of this class. Some techniques will be shown which are sensual in nature, but we will not be demonstrating or practicing to completion.

This is a hands-on class

~Be Prepared~

You are welcome to bring your massage table if you’ve got one (be sure it is rated to hold 2 people)

There may be extra massage tables available, however, if you do not have a table, you should bring a yoga mat or blanket.

You will each need to bring a towel or two

Please be freshly showered prior to arriving.

Please no cologne or perfume, no smoking before or during

sepiessa is a skilled bodyworker with over 12 years of training and experience in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as well as Thai Massage. She leads Naked Yoga at various local cons and loves to share her knowledge with her kinky peers. She has a flourishing private massage and yoga practice in Massachusetts.

NEDS Presents: The Masochist Mantras, Friday, April 8, 2022

Do you have a desire to improve how to process pain to enjoy that scene even more or enjoy it longer? Do you want to be able to adjust to different types of play, toys, and tops? Within my own growth as a masochist, I have collected a series of tips and techniques that have helped me process more pain, enjoy longer scenes, and adjust to different types of play. Through this class I will share what I found and how I use these tips to increase my pleasure. It may not make a masochist out of you, but it’s just might be a step in the right direction.

My Bio:

Hi, I am DrPhenix, reborn out of the ashes of hell with tears that have the power to heal. They say talk about not only what you know, but what you are passionate about. I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for Nearly 15 years both in private and in the public community.  I am passionate about this community and doing what I can to educate and support those that feel comfortable or want to explore the s-side of the slash. I enjoy talking and educating others in areas that I am passionate about including bottoming as a masochist, submission, and bootblacking. Over the last couple years, I have really grown in the lifestyle.  I have attended conferences, discussions, and helped support s-types through discussions and support meetings.  This expanded my passions to include educating and supporting the larger BDSM community.  

For More Information: https://www.ne-ds.org/event/neds-presents-th…day-april-8-2022/

Statement from the NEDS Board

Good day,

NEDS as an organization, supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

The NEDS board wanted to put together a few things in a statement, first and foremost.  We would like to apologize for not issuing a statement earlier, we should have spoken up as soon the terrible tragedy with George Floyd and the countless other people of color at the hands of police and systemic racism which has been rampant in our country for far too long.  We understand that by not making a statement, by staying silent we have been complacent.  This behavior needs to change and we need to be better.  We do not want to make excuses in this, only a promise to be better in the future.

As part of this, we are rededicating to outreach to POC and LGBTQ+ groups and organizations to see what help we can provide. We are committed to making our space and our organization more accepting and inclusive.  This is a struggle for many organizations and we need to be better.

Next, happy Pride!  This month is the celebration of pride and this year is perhaps more important than prior years as our country and the world is going through a global pandemic and human rights crisis of systemic racism.  We want to remember what happened at Stonewall (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonewall_riots) and remember that violence against Gay and Trans people are still disproportionately high.

The board also recognizes, except for announcing cancelling of classes, we have been silent for too long during this pandemic.  At this time we do not believe it is safe or responsible to pull together large groups of people for a class in a physical setting.  When we went into this, many experts said a few weeks to a month of social distancing, so we believed one or maybe two months of cancelled classes.  Obviously, this information was incorrect.  As such we are going to start exploring online classes hosted by NEDS to bring in discussions from presenters who have offered their services.  Please look for upcoming announcements.

NEDS March Madness! Meeting and a Munch! 13 March 2020

This March, instead of a class, we’re holding a munch! … after our annual business meeting,

After the meeting, we’ll descend upon the hotel’s bar/restaurant for the munch.

If you can’t make it, would you please, PLEASE visit here to fill out your proxy form? It’s quick, it makes the board’s life easier, and will keep us from having to bug you at every meeting, in case we don’t get a quorum.

What are we voting on? We need to fill one of our Service Board positions. The term is two years. The esteemed Stephan (aka Akuda) is the incumbent, and the nominating committee has invited him to run for another term, in honor of his outstanding service.

Railen, the nominating committee chair, would like to thank MsD4u2srv, MistressThorne, Doc850, and BobthePlumber, for their participation.

Again, if you are a NEDS member in good standing, and are unable to attend the annual meeting in person, please take just a moment to submit a proxy ballot to record your vote!

*****Please note this event will be held at Embassy Suites, 550 Winter St, Waltham, MA 

NEDS Halloween Extravaganza 18 October 2019

This will be a costume party with prizes for different categories. So, dress to impress in your strangest, funniest, or kinkiest outfit. Or just come as you are.
You never know what may win a prize.
There are lockers for changing, bring your own lock. NEDS is not responsible for missing or stolen property, please do not leave valuables in your car.
As always this is an alcohol-free event, but the bar will be open to serve soft drinks. Please remember to tip the bartender.
Entry fees paid for NEDS events are non-refundable and non- transferable. Ticket sales are open to all and sales will close the Tuesday before the event at midnight.


NEDS annual Rope 101- NEW LOCATION

!!!!!!Due to circumstances beyond our control the class has been moved to:
Embassy Suites
550 Winter St
Waltham, MA
Hastings Room (Be sure to check signs in the lobby for any last minute Changes!!!!!!!

This is intended to be a beginner/entry level class where kinky folks can come and learn, tie, ask questions, tie, and do hands on ties… However, if people want to learn more advanced/details ties there will be time later in the night…we have to room all night.

This is open to all levels so feel free to come and learn, help out etc. This is kinky rope folks helping other kinky rope folks. We are all “tied” in this together.

Have you watched a sexy rope scene and want to find out more? Maybe you’ve learned some basics but would like to know more details.

This Rope 101 class is primarily aimed at beginners but will also have lots of great information for the intermediate; such as tying with intent, communication and using rope to connect with your partner.

The class will be structured so that we go back and forth between instruction and practice giving lots of opportunities to try what you learn.

We will go over essentials of rope bondage including:

• Where and how to start
• Why tie?
• Different types of rope
• What to expect as a top and a as a bottom
• Safety; differentiating between good pain and bad pain
• Communication and setting expectations
• Tying with intention and creating your own style

We will have instruction followed by practice of the basic Single Column and Double Column ties.

These can be used to for other ties like
Basic chest harnesses
Chicken wing
Tying to bed frame or chair
Freestyle rope


CaptainKen : https://fetlife.com/users/100618

with help from mindfullove: https://fetlife.com/users/5392904

The Dichotomy of M/s and Love – A Panel Discussion

CLASS DESCRIPTION: The Dichotomy of M/s and Love

At its core, an M/s relationship is a structured, unequal relationship. It may involve kink, play, service, or a myriad of other elements. But can love exist within an M/s relationship and if so, how? Can love support and even enhance any of these elements? Bring your questions and come hear the stories, trials, and triumphs of three M/s couples: each have love and M/s in their relationships and each came to M/s and love via different paths.


Raven and Joshua

Raven Kaldera is a queer FTM transgendered intersexual shaman. He is the author/editor of 40 books, including “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path”, and “Power Circuits: Polyamory In A Power Dynamic”. He and his slaveboy Joshua have been teaching and presenting workshops regularly for many years to the BDSM, Neo-Pagan, Sex/Spirituality, transgender, and other communities. Raven is the 2014 Northeast Master titleholder, and He lives with his big poly family on a homestead in Massachusetts. ’Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Joshua Tenpenny has been in service to Raven Kaldera since 2002. He is Raven’s devoted assistant, partner, and slave for life. Josh is also a massage therapist, Shiatsu practitioner, and yoga teacher. The 2014 Northeast Slave titleholder, he and his master Raven Kaldera were chosen as the MAsT 2011 Presenters of the Year, and given the 2018 Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education award. He is the author of “Real Service” and the creator of the Service Notebook. He finds spiritual fulfillment through any kind of worthy service.

Stephan and SweetWisteria:

Stephan has been exploring M/s, Power, kink and poly for more then 20 years. He has a passion for education, sharing his and others experiences within the journey. In 2016, with his family established the Boston Annex of the Carter Johnson Leather Library. Recently, with his slave, he has worked to establish a leather family in New England and try to bring back some roots of M/s and leather to his local community.

SweetWisteria has been a part of the BDSM since 2009. She is a service oriented individual with service being a common theme throughout her personal and professional paths. Before finding her way to the lifestyle, she served as both a Peace Corps and AmeriCorps volunteer, experiences which helped her travel to almost 40 countries and 40 of the states in the US.

As a slave to her Master, she enjoys her role as Captain at the regular dinner parties she and they host in their home. She has been caught learning the napkin folds used by many of the restaurants she explores to put to her own use. She also has an affinity for glitter and becomes giddy when she sparkles.

SweetWisteria is active in her local community, regularly attending MAsT Mass. meetings and has had the amazing opportunity to teach at NELA’s Fetish Fair Flea Market, NEDS, MAsT Providence, Albany Power Exchange, Kinky Con, and Dungeons and Geekdoms. She and her Master have been fortunate to travel and have also had the honor of presenting at NorthWest Leather Celebration, M/s Gathering, the Submissive’s Un-Conference, Camp Crucible, and the Power Exchange Summit.

Fathom_MasterJim and tealover_dee:

Master Jim and dee are a monogamous M/s couple who married out of college and have been exploring their kink ever since. In their long journey together, they discovered and entered the lifestyle ~10 yrs ago. They attended their first community event after another 5 yrs, and became increasingly engaged in the community, attending events and finding their chosen family. Currently they are active members in MAsT MASS where Master Jim serves as Assistant Director. With one son in college and the other graduated and living on his own, they are making the bittersweet empty nest phase sweeter by diving deeper into their M/s, expanding the boundaries of their dynamic, and growing to be ever more their fully authentic selves. In their spare time Master Jim can be found playing Pinball and making espressos, as dee, an avid reader, crochets and sips tea.

NEDS is proud to present Match Stick and sepiessa – Position Play and Training – October 11, 2019

Special offer for non-members. NEDS will include a one year membership when you make your non-member payment for this class. There will be membership forms on the table as you enter the room. This is valid for this class only..

Interested in position play and position training? Want to learn to pose in a way that pleases your dominant? Want to learn to arrange your submissive to your liking?

Come to this event! There will be a short introduction and overview and then you will get the opportunity to try positions out and (if negotiated) work on giving position requests and feedback to someone.

This is meant to be less demonstration and more exploration.

Position suggestions will be available for a wide variety of mobility.

Please bring movement friendly clothes and possibly a yoga mat.

Presented by Match Stick and sepiessa.

Match Stick Bio: Match Stick has been around the Boston BDSM Scene for far too many years to admit. He’s a huge fan of position training and very excited share his interest and find others who are also into it.

sepiessa: sepiessa is a skilled bodyworker with over 10 years of training and experience in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as well as Thai Massage. She leads Naked Yoga at various local cons and loves to share her knowledge with her kinky peers. She has a flourishing private massage and yoga practice in Massachusetts.

NEDS is proud to present Skyla – Non-Monogamy 101 Sept 13

Non-Monogamy 101 – NEDS September 2019 Our culture makes space for one relationship structure – monogamy. As kinksters, we know that there are many different approaches to relationships. This workshop will cover different types of non-monogamy, and specifically focus on polyamory. Topics covered will include: talking to your partner(s) about your needs & desires, health and safety protocols, logistics, being out vs. not being out to family, friends, and co-workers.
Although this workshop is directed at foundational level topics, people of all experiences are welcomed and encouraged to attend – including monogamous folks. Bio: Skyla is your friendly neighborhood mermaid. She has been swimming around these waters since 2012 where she got her start through attending a NEDS class! Skyla went on to become a NEDS board member working as secretary and event coordinator. Skyla continued her passion for community volunteering through working behind the scenes at several large scale kink conventions including: Fusion, Summer Camp, Winter Fire, and Bound in Boston. In 2018, Skyla teamed up Ozma_of_Oz to create new convention; Tethered Together. Tethered Together is a hotel takeover rope-centric convention that is accented with dance, circus, relationship, and kink workshops. The event runs in March each year in Rhode Island. Skyla can be found teaching on a variety topics including polyamory, cosplay, urethral sounding, and rope bondage. Skyla is happily married to a fellow kinkster in a polyamorous marriage that takes a “kitchen table” style approach to relationships. She loves iced coffee, dry humor, and dancing with her leviwand. Website: tetheredtogether.net