Knife Play

Knife play is exciting! It can be fun too. There is entertainment for all participants and onlookers in knife play as well. It is challenging, on the edge and the result can even be artistic! It can produce various levels of excitement, apprehension, and eroticism, some or all of these results can be achieved within the same scene. It can also produce fear!

Knife play is considered sensation play, edge play and even danger play. There is a level of power exchange in knife play as in many BDSM activities. That level of course is determined by the Top and the bottom in their interaction. There is power and control and the satisfaction of the outcome…the result being the effect it has had on the participant and knowing s/he enjoyed it too. Results vary greatly from one person to another. The emotions of knife play can fall any where between ultimate pleasure and satisfaction to fear and disgust...both in participation and watching.
A little bit about our presenter: Glen
Glen became interested in knife play in his early childhood, as far back as he could remember. He recalls receiving his first “real” knife at age ten…It was the first one in which his father did not grind down the blade to a dull edge. Glen enjoys the risk factor in knife play. It takes skill in knowing what you are able to do and what you should not do, knowing one can really be hurt if you do not respect your knife and your bottom. You must also maintain a certain skill level to be good and to obtain good results.
He has been in the lifestyle for more than 30 years. He had been aware of his desire for D/s and BDSM since adolescence. He began dabbling deeper and more seriously in D/s and BDSM activities more formally since 1999. In addition to his membership in NEDS (New England Dungeon Society), Glen is a former Assistant Director of Mass MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) and is very active with NH-NACK (Nashua Area Consensual Kink), Darkstone and WMPE (Western Mass Power Exchange).
11/09/2012 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Hyatt House Waltham, MA