Erotic Spanking With Adeline Kindred


Location: Hyatt House, Waltham, MA
Cost: $10 for NEDS members/$15 members of other dues collecting leather groups/$20 for all others. Make sure to bring your card if you have one.
Dress code: Vanilla - this is a residency hotel
An orientation will be given before class from 6:30-7:30. Orientation is not required to attend class but is helpful.
Class Description:
For thousands of years, and perhaps longer, spanking has been a part of human history. It transcends kink, finding itself in movies and vanilla bedrooms. Spanking has even been written about in Cosmo, although that’s no shocker.
It has been proven to increase blood flow to the buttocks and by proxy the genitals, heightening arousal. It is arguably, the best way to have an intimate connection of flesh on flesh in the S&M world.
This class will open up the world of spanking to you, teach you to conquer the moon and the mind. It will focus on the bare handed beating of the buttocks, without forgetting the brain and the body as tools for a bewildering time. Count with me, and enjoy.
About the speaker:
Addy is a gender fluid Eagle Scout with a passion for safety, responsibility, knots and naughtiness. Addy has been a member of the Boston scene since 2008 after returning from college. In college he started an unofficial club of kinky folks focused on education, understanding and having a good time. Pansexual and switchy, Adeline enjoys it all with a reverence for SSC and RACK.
Andrew is the owner and lead trainer of a safety training company whose primary aim, is to bring high quality, practical, and professional trainings and certifications to the kink community and beyond. The training company maintains a vanilla image, so as to protect your identity outside of kink, and to enable usage of the knowledge and skills in day to day life.
09/14/2012 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Hyatt House, Waltham, MA