Learning to Play, Not Just Tie


Most of us do what it is that we do (WIITWD) for fun, and not for film and photos or as a martial art. Unfortunately this is how most of our skills are taught as well and often times the "fun" is forgotten in the process of learning something new or trying to capture a moment. While learning awesome skills and getting your photo evidence to go Kinky & Popular are valid goals, those goals don't typically keep that "magic" going. In this class we will explorer how to make learning "fun" for everyone again.
At the beginning of the class we will split the class between intro to rope tying section and an advanced section. Then we will bring the group back together and lead everyone through a series of progressively challenging timed tying exercises. The objective of the exercises is to enhance your connection with the person you are playing with. The objective is not to teach a new tie, or how to perfect the efficiency of how you perform a common tie.
Participant supply list:
- A rope kit, what ever you feel comfortable with.
- Tops, be willing to let your partner tie you once.
- bottoms, be willing to try tying your partner once.
(For the best experience please come with partner. We are not a dating service, and do not guarantee that there will be someone to pair you with.)
Feel free to join us for dinner after class at Uno Chicago Grill, 55 Bear Hill Road, Waltham.
08/24/2012 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Hyatt House Waltham, MA